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3 Best types of Blinds and Shades for Bathrooms

Choosing the perfect Blinds for Bathrooms can be tricky at times. Your style should extend to your bathroom. With that said, selecting a Window Treatment that is not suitable for a wet, humid environment can become very problematic down the line.  Avoid wood and sheer material that are not moisture resistant, as prolonged exposure to moisture can cause permanent damage.

The Three main factors in choosing the perfect window treatments for your bathroom are durability, privacy and light control. We’ve put together the very best options to help you select the ideal Window treatment that will bring new level of style and sophistication to your bathroom for years to come.

1. Dual Roller Shades

Dual shades are the most effective and versatile choice when it comes to controlling the amount of light entering a bathroom. Blackout Shades will give you total privacy by preventing anyone outside from seeing into the room. Pairing a blackout shade with a shade made with a light diffusing material, allows you to have some sunlight enter while still maintaining a level of privacy. Furthermore, Dual Shades are easy to operate and can be easily lifted to give you a full unobstructed view of the exterior when desired.


While Roller Shades are very stylish and an excellent option for privacy and light control, selecting the ideal material that will withstand the rigors of a wet environment is a must. Opting for inadequate material can dramatically shorten the longevity of your Roller Shades, as well as potentially becoming a  major health concern. Over time, the exposure to moisture can cause a build-up of mold inside the material putting your families health at risk. Choosing PVC material will repel moisture and can be easily cleaned with soap and water.

2. Venetian Blinds (Faux Wood Blinds)

Faux Wood Blinds are a stylish, affordable option for maintaining total privacy. The tilting mechanism of the Blind allows you to control the amount of light entering the room. When more privacy is desired, the slats can be titled closed,  blocking the view from outside.

With Faux Wood Blinds, there is no need to worry about having to go out of pocket for expensive professional cleaning services. The PVC  is 100% waterproof allowing for easy cleaning with simple household cleaning products.

The lifting mechanism in Faux Wood Blinds is not as convenient as roller shades or bottom up top down shades. In most cases, the difference is negligible and would not pose an issue unless your windows are either:  very large or hard to reach. The inner slats of Faux Wood Blinds can become quite heavy when are trying to pull to the top of a huge window. If you have a window that you have to access by reaching over a sink or tub, it may be hard to operate as need two hands to pull the blind all the way to the top. As there is no motorization option available for the lift mechanism of Faux Wood Blinds,  if its heavy or awkward these type of Blinds might not be the best option.

When it comes to style options, Faux Wood Blinds are not as flexible as the other Shades the list.  Roller Shades and  Top Down Bottom Up  Shades come in many colours styles and patterns.

3.Top Down Bottom Up Shades

Top down Bottom up Blinds have become more popular in recent years.  These Shade are ultra modern, uber stylish, very functional, and work exceptionally well in bathrooms. Top down bottom up shades are a great alternative to dual shades, as they the top down bottom up functionality lets you control the amount of light coming through much like an old-school Venetian blind.  Instead of covering the entire window, you can position the Blinds to let through and position them where privacy is needed.

As a bonus these shades can are cordless which improves safety, making these an excellent option for those with young children. These shades come in two types: Cellular Shades and Roman Shades. Much like Roller Blinds, these shades come in a variety of colour and fabric options. Again, please be wary of not selecting the proper material that will be resistant to water and moisture. Furthermore. Top Down Bottom up Shades can be motorized and automated adding a new level of beauty and convenience to your bathroom. 

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