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Cellular Shades

Cellular Shades (sometimes referred to as Honeycomb Shades or Top-down Bottom-up Shades) are a popular choice among our clients. They come in a variety of fabrics, colours and grades of light filtration. Cellular Shades are an excellent choice for any window including odd shapes, arches and skylights.

Cellular Shades are well known for their ability to reduce noise, filter/blackout light and insulate your home in all seasons. Cellular Shades can be motorized and controlled with ease from your favourite smart devices.

Energy Efficiency

One-third of a homes total thermal loss is made up by windows and doors, according to Natural Resources Defense Council. Selecting the right window covering can help you keep your home well insulated in all summer and winter, thus saving on energy bills.

The unique honeycomb design of our Cellular shades trap air preventing it from entering or escaping. Additionally, Our Cellular Shades prevent solar gain helping to maintain a consistent temperature inside your home.

Blue Cellular shades up close
Cellular shades in kitchen


Our Cellular Shades are available in a variety of light control options. from semi-opaque light filtering to blackout. Blackout options are great for media rooms, children’s rooms, or any room where total darkness is a necessity. The top-down bottom-up functionality allows for total control over the amount of light entering the room. ​

Noise Cancelling

Do you live in a bustling metropolitan area or by busy road? Our Cellular Shades can help reduce the amount of noise pollution entering your home. The unique honeycomb design trap sounds similar to how they trap heat. Greatly reducing disrupting sounds from entering your home

Honeycomb shades up close

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Child Safety

Children and pets can often become tangled in messy hanging cords, causing reason for concern. Our Cellular Shades cordless design ensures that your window covering will not be a potential hazard to your loved ones.

Room Darkening & Blackout Blinds

We offer a wide selection of Room Darkening and Blackout Shades for any style room. Whether you’re looking to block light from entering a media room,children’s room, or wanted to get a better nights sleep, We’ve got you covered! Learn more about Room Darkening Shades & Blackout Shades by Civic Blinds.

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