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Get The Premium Motorized Blinds Experience For Your Home Or Business

We’re here to make getting beautifully designed and energy efficient Civic Blinds Smart Shades as easy as possible – even if you’re not sure where to start.

From initial consultation to final installation – you’ll get everything you need to know to cover your windows with both style and function!

What we do

Here’s How We Make The Entire Process Easy

Get All Of Your Questions Answered

Whether you’ve done a lot of research on motorized blinds or none at all – our team is more than happy to guide you through every step of the process. Our goal is to make getting the information you need as simple and straightforward as possible.

Wondering about the type of shade you need, the style of fabric, or the nitty-gritty of how the motor system works? We offer a free in-home consultation and custom quoting to help you feel extremely comfortable in your final decision.

Professional Measurement For The Perfect Fit

We know no home or room is the same. That’s why our team is obsessed with getting your custom order right – down to each individual blind.

We’ll triple check every single detail, specification and measurement to make sure you get a final result that will put a huge smile on you and your family’s face.

Rapid Turnaround and Delivery

Just moved into your home and want to make it yours? Putting on the final touches for that “wow” factor? Getting it ready for the sale? Let’s not keep you waiting.

From fabric samples to the final order – we’ll work to get you what you need so that your home can look its best in the shortest time possible.

Quiet and Hassle-Free Installation

No one likes a disruptive or messy home project – which is why our technicians take extra care to cause minimal disturbance throughout the entire installation.

You’ll sit back and relax while we work hard to make your home an impressive sight to all – while hardly even noticing we’re there.

Elevate your lifestyle with these amazing features

Our iOS & Android apps are built with your lifestyle in mind

Save More Money On Your Energy Bill

During the summer months, set schedules to have your blinds close in the afternoon to reduce the amount of heat entering your home. In winter, open them during the day to let in warmth and natural sunlight. Our motorized smart shade system will reduce energy consumption by making your home more energy-efficient. Thus, saving you money!

Connect To Your Favourite Smart Home Device

Automate your entire home by connecting our motorized smart shades with a smart home system like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri. Our convenient app allows you to control your blinds by voice, access remotely, set schedules, create groups, and much more!

Control From Anywhere In The World

Whether you forgot to shut your shades after running out the door or you're drinking a Pina Colada on a beach in Jamaica, our system helps you keep your home secure and private by giving you the ability to access the control from anywhere in the world remotely.

Sync With Your Daily Routine

Enjoy total control over the light. Schedule your blinds to upon at dawn and close in the evening without even thinking about it. With Civic Blinds Smart shades, you can set a schedule to have your blinds open and close precisely when you want them to.

Scoop Up The Savings And Get The Best Possible Price

Our partnership with somfy and other suppliers helps you get exceptional quality at an unbeatable price. Whether you need your entire home done or just one window, you’ll breathe easy knowing you’re getting the best deal available.


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Fill out the form to request a complimentary in-home consultation. 

Your contact info is alway kept private and never given to any third parties*

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