Vancouver Sheer Horizontal Shades

Sheer Horizontal Shades Overview

Civic Blinds Sheer shades are the pinnacle of beauty and functionality. The innovative design is comprised of fabric vanes that float between two soft sheer layers, providing you with total control over light and privacy. Softly diffuse light to create the perfect ambiance while obscuring the outside view into your home.


Luxurious Design

Known For their soft, elegant look, Civic Blinds Sheer Shades are one of the most sought after window treatments on the market today. Explore our curated collection of premium fabrics and colours and hardware.


Enjoy The View

Strong sunlight is transformed into soft ambient Light, helping you set the perfect tone for the room. When the vanes are open, Light is softly diffused, and daytime privacy is maintained while allowing you to view through to the outside. Tilt the vanes to increase the level of privacy and light filtering you desire.


Privacy & Light Control

With a wide selection of colour and fabric options available, Civic Blinds Sheer Shades are sure to elevate the look and feel of your space. Their clean, crisp lines and contemporary style add elegance and sophistication while providing an enhanced level of comfort and privacy.

Sheer Horizontal Shades

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