Skylight Blinds


Skylights provide a large flow of natural light into your home, creating an open, bright and airy ambiance for you to enjoy. Although at times, this natural light can become bothersome if your skylights are located in an area that may require daytime darkness. 

Skylights can also affect your home’s insulation, with Solar heat gain throughout the summer months and heat loss in the winter. Civic Blinds Skylight Shades help to combat these issues so you can enjoy your skylights whenever you desire without the negative drawbacks.

Light Control

Light filtering fabrics limit the effects of solar heat gain and UV rays while allowing a small amount of light through. With multiple light filtering options available, selecting the perfect level of light you desire is simple and easy. 

Need a daytime nap? Blackout skylight shades are a great option for bedrooms or other rooms that require more darkness during the day.


With Skylights often being located in high, hard to reach places, simple operation of our skylight shades is essential to their functionality. Access the controls with a skypole and effortlessly lift or lower the shade to your desired position. Additionally, The top-down bottom-up operation allows for easy open and close control.

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Energy Efficiency

One-third of a homes total thermal loss is caused by doors and windows, According to the Natural Resources Defense Council. Our Civic Blinds Skylight Blinds can help keep your home well insulated in all four seasons, thus reducing energy waste and saving you money on the bills.

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Premium Eco-Friendly Construction

All of our skylights blinds are manufactured in Canada using high quality, 100% Canadian materials, that are always free of toxic chemicals and hazardous materials.

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