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Zebra Shades - Contemporary style meets energy efficiency

Zebra Shades are extremely convenient, practical and fit any style home making them one of the most popular style trends today. They combine the light control of Venetian Blinds and the Beautiful look of Roller Shades. Our Zebra shades feature a sleek contemporary look that is available in many colour and fabric options.

Want more light? The alternating sheer and solid material will allow you to control light much like the slats of a conventional blind. If you are looking to blackout light from a children’s room or Media room, selecting a room darkening fabric is a great option. If you have windows that are very large or hard to reach our Zebra Shades can be motorized and controlled conveniently from your phone or tablet.

What are the Advantages of Zebra Shades?

grey zebra shades in vancouver living room
custom faux wood blinds in Vancouver kitchen


Our Zebra Shades are lightweight and can be spring assisted, operated by a chain drive or fully motorized. If you decide to pair your new Shades with one of our motors, you will have the added convenience of controlling your Shades from your phone or tablet. Zebra Shades ensure an effortless operating experience in your home.


Zebra shades are constructed using a sheer material that allows for a high level of privacy without sacrificing the ventilation of some light and air. Also, Zebra Shades filter sunlight and harmful UV rays while maintaining a view of the exterior.

Energy efficiency

Our Zebra Shades will keep your home cooler in the summer by reflecting the sun's glare, heat and UV Rays while acting as a protective layer to retain heat in the winter, thus reducing your energy bills. Keep your money in your pocket by efficiently insulating your home in all seasons.

Exclusive hassle-free lifetime warranty

Zebra Shades are constructed using a pliable, stain resistance Anti-Static polyester material that repels dirt and dust, making them much easier to clean the other types of shades. Rest assured that your Zebra Shades will look and operate like new for many years to come.

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